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Good morning friends, "Make money quickly" Today I would present my talk starting with three examples. Example 1. My very close friend's dad has earned nearly 5 cr in the last 50 years. Example 2. That friend's father in law has earned a whooping 50 cr in only last 15 years. Example 3. And there… Continue reading MAKE QUICK MONEY

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Gain Confidence with Public Speaking Course by Anurag Aggarwal

Join Anurag Aggarwal's Public Speaking Course and bring out the confident speaker in you. Call +91-9971776852 for details.

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“To raise a toast” refers to the action of raising one’s glass high when wishing or congratulating or honouring someone. Toasts were predominately made to wish “good health” and later became hopes for “happiness” and “good fortune” also. It is always done with a drink that may be champagne (preferably) or a wine or beer or anything. The person who raises the toast holds his or her glass high and speaks a few words about the honouree (the person for whom the toast is for) and others listen attentively. It should be simple and interesting. After the person is done with his speaking part everyone take a sip from their glass to pay honour. Read more here.

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Tips to Improve Communication Skills

Effective communication does not mean just talking. An effective communication is the one where information is exchanged so that everyone gets something important and useful out of the conversation. Read through to know some tips on effective communication skills.

Shameless Self Promotion |Anurag Aggarwal
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Shameless Self Promotion

  “Don't brag!!” “Stop talking about yourself.” “Don't praise yourself.” “Don't blow your own trumpet.” We have grown up listening to all this stuff, haven't we? People have been keen on teaching us lessons on humility. Actions speak louder than words, true, but if we don't tell people what we can do we might not… Continue reading Shameless Self Promotion

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Thinking Out of The Box

How often do you take risks in business? Do you actually think the way others’ can’t to make your business bigger? If you want to be successful in business take risks, innovate, think out of the box and have a courageous heart. Before becoming a skills trainer, I was a highly successful fashion designer and… Continue reading Thinking Out of The Box